The Kenda Advantage We Are The Engineers, Chemists, Manufacturers and Assemblers of World-Class Tires And Wheels.

Kenda has been around for over 50 years, and in that time, we’ve grown to become one of the most trusted names in the industry. This confidence comes from the knowledge that each of our products has been developed, tested and manufactured by our worldwide family of companies.

When you choose Kenda Americana Tire and Wheel, you get more than just high-grade tires, wheels and assemblies. You get the assurance of knowing your product was created by over 12,000 experts who used the best materials on the planet.

That’s the power of the Kenda family of companies.

That’s The Kenda Advantage.

Engineering Our highly experienced team of engineers located in Canton, OH carefully design our Kenda trailer tires to meet the many needs of the RV, marine, utility and towable trailer industry here in North America.
Compound Development There can be 12-15 rubber compounds in each tire so having chemists continually focused on R&D making sure each tire performs exactly to the specs set by the engineering team is part of what sets Kenda Americana Tire & Wheel apart from others.
Compound Development
Tire Manufacturing
Tire Manufacturing As part of the Kenda family, we have the advantage of our own manufacturing facilities making our tires. We can assure they adhere to strict quality assurance standards and are tested regularly.
Wheel Manufacturing Another Kenda company, Dexstar Wheel located in Indiana, takes the highest quality American made steel and builds some of the best trailer wheels available today. Quality is their top priority with production continually tested throughout the day.
Wheel Manufacturing
Assembly Our expert technicians use high-speed mounting and inflation equipment to take our Kenda tires and expertly combine them with your choice of styles/colors of steel and aluminum wheels.
Warehousing With multiple warehouse facilities across the United States and a staff of friendly, dedicated customer service representatives, Kenda ATW takes pride in filling and shipping all of your orders on a timely basis.