Kenda is honored to announce the company has received the “Best Practice Award” for manufacturing quality during the 26th National Quality Awards in Taiwan. This award recognizes businesses that demonstrate high quality management, and is the only award for business quality issued by the Executive Council in Taiwan.

“At Kenda, we are relentless in our pursuit of excellence across all aspects of our business,” said Jimmy Yang, Chairman and President of Kenda. “We are tremendously honored to have the quality of our manufacturing facilities be recognized for its efficiency, quality and innovation by the Executive Council and hope to serve as a role model for other companies.”

To be considered for Taiwanese National Quality Award, a company must go through a rigorous review process. Companies who are recipients of the award are recognized as having outstanding performance in business, set a benchmark for others to learn from, elevate the overall quality level and create a good organization image. After two years of constant review amidst a global pandemic, Kenda’s quality has remained strong and steady thanks to the long-term efforts of its colleagues and employees. It’s because of this work, Kenda is able to stand above the competition and achieve this high affirmation issued by the government.

Kenda is dedicated to providing the highest possible service and tire products across multiple industries including bicycle, passenger car, RV, motorcycles, ATV, industrial, golf, and more.

The company prides itself as an organization where quality, honesty, innovation, and customer service are core values. Previous awards include: Taiwan Excellence, National Talent Development Awards, The National Brand Yushan Award.